Here at Sunnyland Construction, we use Vinyl Kraft windows as our first choice.

We install these windows for you without disturbing the existing trim!

Vinyl Kraft windows have a proven track record with our customers, they love the versatility and durability.

Vinyl Kraft windows have a lifetime warranty on the glass!

Here are 8 great reasons to have Sunnyland Construction replace your existing windows


Ø  Energy Star Qualified: Independently tested and certified by the National Fenestration Council.

Ø  Double Glazed: Two layers of glass with an air / gas filling in between to decrease energy loss compared to single pane.

Ø  Low E Coating: A very thin coating that enhances the insulating properties of the window.

Ø  U- Factor rating: Measure of how well a window keeps heat in your home; Vinyl Kraft’s .3 rating is one of the BEST.

Ø  Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: How much heat from the sun is blocked out; Vinyl Kraft’s .26 rating is one of the BEST.

Ø  Pop out Security Locks: This option allows you to have your window open, and still be safe and secure.

Ø  Dual Tilt in Panels: Both upper and lower panels tip in for easy cleaning.

Ø  Movable screen: Screen slides to either high or low position so you can open either window.

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